How to Install SP3

How to Install SP3

The easiest way to install sp3 is to turn on Automatic Updates. To do this, open the Start menu and then type “Windows Update” in the search box. At Windows Update, select Change Settings and turn on Automatic Updates by selecting “Install Updates Automatically.” Windows XP SP3 will be automatically updated when available. If this has not worked for you, you will need to install sp3 yourself. Be sure to run a full error scan and registry scan and repair before downloading sp3. This will prevent any errors from occurring during installation and avoid other problems as well.

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To avoid the frequent errors that seem to occur with Windows Update, download sp3 from the Windows Download Center at the Microsoft website. This will use the standalone update utility to download sp3 to your computer. Sp3 download is only available for 32-bit systems. You will have to have SP1 and SP3 installed in order to install SP3. If these are not installed on your system, install them from the Download Center and then restart your computer before installing sp3.

Before you begin to download and install sp3, log on to your computer as an administrator and be sure that all other users are logged off. Close all open programs. Back up all personal and important files and personal settings to an external Hard Drive or a large-capacity flash drive.

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Your files could be lost during the sp3 download, so lean to the safe side and back everything up. Generally, data is not lost with the installation of Sp3, but there is no good reason to take chances. You can also back up your data and settings to a network source online. Several programs are available at a reasonable monthly fee. This is a good idea even if you are not downloading sp3.

Temporarily disable antivirus software and anti-spyware. These programs can interfere with the installation of sp3, or might just slow down the installation significantly. Re-enable these programs after sp3 is installed.
To download from the Microsoft website, you will require at least 1,500 MB of free disk space. Installation of sp3 using Windows Update is the general recommendation, but this article is focused on downloading sp3 from the Microsoft Download Center. Users frequently encounter difficulties downloading specific service packs with Windows Update, particularly if they are experiencing multiple PC problems.

Download sp3 as a standalone package from the Microsoft Download Center as follows: At the website with the sp3 download listed on the page, click Download. You will then be given the option to Open or Run the download. Click either one that is presented. A series of instructions will follow. Guided by these instructions complete all steps and at the end you will see the option “Finish.” Click Finish and the installation of sp3 is almost complete. Restart your computer to complete the sp3 installation.
You can see that installing sp3 is fairly easy. If it works with Windows Update, that is even easier. Once sp3 is installed, please do remember to re-enable your security software. You don’t want your new sp3 download to be eaten by malware.

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WARNING! Windows XP SP3 is no longer available via Microsoft, downloading Windows XP SP3 from 3rd party sites may damage your PC! Click here for an alternative solution
Did you know Windows XP SP3 is no longer available via Microsoft since May 2009